Unison World is an international project in which music and music art is used as a platform for unification and social inclusion of vulnerable groups of society through animation, rehabilitation and education with the aim to improve the quality of life and raise music performance and creativity.

Unison World is dedicated to changing the lives of vulnerable and isolated people.

In order to improve the psycho-physical condition of each person we adjust our music therapy programme to the needs of each user through specially tailored vocal-instrumental approach.

Music has a positive effect on reducing anxiety, relaxation, stress relief and muscular tension, pain reduction, improving of the immune system, developing nonverbal communication skills, and expressing creativity.

In the hands of our music specialists, music becomes a healing rehabilitation tool for social, emotional, cognitive and physical difficulties. It is effective in treating mental disorders with children and adults with special needs, in socialization of vulnerable groups of society such as the elderly people, abandoned children and refugees.

We make a connection between musicians and the most vulnerable groups of society through individual or group music workshops where in a very special way musicians act as animators or music therapists, depending on the needs of the users.

Music has the power to connect people and transform societies. As a medium it connects individuals, creates public awareness, and renews the entire community. Our vision is a world where music therapy is available to all who need it. Our mission is to bring life-changing music therapy to as many people as possible.